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How do you Engage 1.6 Million? See the latest Sustainable Cleveland 2019 video

Marc Lefkowitz  |  07/02/10 @ 1:00pm

Among the many laudable goals that emerged from Sustainable Cleveland 2019 is create a vision for the future that engages many different people around Northeast Ohio. Indeed, the Engage 1.6 million Work Group found each other at the city's 2009 sustainability summit for that expressed purpose. After the summit, the group wanted to help roll out The Cleveland Commitment – a personal pledge drafted at the summit by the Public Compact group (who want to mail stacks of them, signed, to the mayor).

It quickly became apparent that 'big tent' events, such as Earth Fest-the area's largest environmental gathering-were opportunities to introduce thousands of people to the city's most important sustainability initiative. It was also a rallying point for four other SC2019 groups, and so a coalition formed between the group of five, or "G5" (consisting of Engage 1.6 million, Communications & Branding, Public Compact, Strategic Partnerships & Learning and Post-Summit Momentum). They invited each of the 2019 groups to join them at Earth Fest. If they couldn't send an ambassador, the G5 would stand there and speak to the public on their behalf. The other big plot they hatched was to shoot a video, arranged by a professional, with 'man on the street' interviews, asking, "What does a sustainable Cleveland in 2019 look like to you?"

"We had two tables at Earth Fest and groups like Vacant Land had a suggestion box (asking people to vote on what they you do with Vacant Land in Cleveland)," recalls David Jurca, co-lead of the Communications & Branding Group. "The video engaged people, some for the first time, with a compelling vision for Cleveland's future."

Thirteen interviews were conducted at this year's Earth Fest, with the 4-minute video (above) capturing some of the more compelling visions. "I believe in sustainability!" they declare, and then spell out how clean air and water, reimagining vacant land, promoting healthy activities like biking and walking and a green economy constitute a real Cleveland comeback.

The video is the work of the 2019 G5 in partnership with Kelley Hynds, owner of Hyndsight Productions, a video production company in Cleveland.

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