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The launch of the Northeast Ohio Green Map

Marianne  |  08/03/10 @ 2:12pm

When I arrived at my desk after the launch party for the Northeast Ohio Green Map, there was a letter waiting for me. I opened it with some degree of excitement (my name and address were handwritten ? always a good sign) and found inside a thank you note from one of the attendees of the event that attracted dozens interested in mapping the region's sustainability assets online.

The note, the turnout and the feedback at the launch party made me feel as though what we are working on here is, in fact, needed and rejoiced as a tool for community asset mapping in Northeast Ohio. What an extraordinary feeling to have after working on something that you believe in.

During the event, the back room of the Treehouse shrank as people continued to pour in during the presentation, and I was relieved that the bar didn't have as limited a supply of beer as we had of Edison's pizza.

We planned to help people map after the presentation, but when we noticed that very few people brought laptops with them, we decided to have a group discussion about the Green Map instead. Quite a few thought-provoking questions and answers came up during the discussion-click here to read about some of them.

The goal of the event was to increase people's awareness of and excitement about the Northeast Ohio Green Map and to teach them how to use it as a tool for community and regional asset mapping, which I think we accomplished.

Overall conclusion: beer-and a new way of thinking about and participating in asset mapping and sustainability-made the event a hit.

To view and get involved in the Northeast Ohio Green Map, visit GreenCityBlueLake's Green Map Page. To stay current on green map events, and to connect with other local green mappers, visit and join the new Northeast Ohio Green Map Facebook Group.

We believe that the Northeast Ohio Green Map can become a great tool for regional sustainability asset mapping with your help. Please continue to stay involved in the growth of this map by using it, adding to it, and sending it to your friends and neighbors!

Please feel free to email info@gcbl.org if you have any questions.

See an instructional video on The Northeast Ohio Green Map on Prezi

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