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A deep breath (and dive) before the 2010 summit

Marc Lefkowitz  |  09/21/10 @ 9:19pm

On the eve of the 2010 Sustainable Cleveland "2019" Summit, the city has released two important documents for the attendees. The pre-summit report (pasted in its entirety below) is a tool for checking in with the Appreciative Inquiry process and sorting through your year of 2019 activity. Then, check out the 2019 Action Plan and Resource Guide Executive Summary. (Or see the entire guide here -- a large PDF file of 17MB.) Get ready to embark on the next leg of the city's sustainability journey.

From the city of Cleveland Sustainability Office:

In preparation for our Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Summit we want to ask you to help us create a running start. We are asking everyone to read and delve deeply into the well-prepared 40 page executive summary "Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Action and Resources Guide."

This import release-which grows directly from the output of last year's summit along with all the creative work of the working groups, the council, and fresh research on the significance of all this on jobs and preparing Cleveland for the future-helps paint a picture of the whole. The report was informed by 100's of Clevelanders-and it shows an initiative that is larger, deeper, richer and fuller than we might commonly imagine. Sustainability is clearly not about isolated things but of processes in concert. And the new story of Cleveland and our region is being coauthored by each one of us.

In this respect, this report is truly a gift. While the complexity of it all-creating a ? sustainable economy that integrates the goals of economic prosperity, environmental health, and social vitality-may at times feel overwhelming, we also know that our spirits soar when we work with others on a common cause. Someone once said "What a wonderful life I've had. I only wish I had realized it sooner." When you read this report you realize that its true-it's a privilege to be part of a community and city that is stepping forward, as complex as it is, together.

Throughout the decade, determined people from every walk of life will be working together to shape vibrant livable communities, innovative businesses, and a flourishing natural environment that will result in health, wealth, creativity, and economic opportunities for all.

As you prepare for the summit, here are three things we ask you to reflect on as you read the report:

1. What Does this Report Say About Cleveland and Northeast Ohio?

As a first step, walk around the entire report-as if you were from another city and you were walking around the whole of our city and region for the first time-- as a visitor from another place.

Make a list now of your observations of this whole effort-the big picture:

? How do you feel about the purpose, mission, vision and values?

_________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________

? What-after reading "and walking around" the whole report-are you seeing in this initiative that you had not seen until this reading?

_______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________

? Again, as if you were from another city, what would you say to Cleveland and the region about this initiative to empower and economic engine to create a green city on a blue lake, after reading this report? Here is what I would say to the city, the region and all the people working on this ten year initiative:

______________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________

2. How (where) does this report relate to the things I care about-things I am currently engage in or want to work on either in my home or workplace, or in my community or the city as a whole? Please list:

3. From an economic logic and perspective-for example the leading CEO's comment "there is a simple rule about the environment?if there is waste or pollution, someone along the line pays for it"-read through the section on "the celebration years" (page xv) where, between now and 2019, we put our community spotlight on some important facet of sustainable value.

What do you see in the report's assessments on how each facet of sustainability will:

? Create direct employment opportunities?

? Foster a high quality of life that will attract new business and retain talent?

? Stop wealth and resource outflows?

? Facilitate innovation and a mindset shift that will be necessary to succeed in the new economy?

In your view, what parts of the business case are strongest and need to be fully leveraged? And where and how can the economic case, the business case, be better illuminated and integrated in everything we do going forward?

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