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Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship picked for Cleveland, Ohio energy efficiency cracks top 10,

 |  09/15/10 @ 11:36am

Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship Announces Class of 2010-2013, Celebrates Ten Years of Design Excellence in Affordable Housing Wayne Mortensen was selected to be (the first) Fellow in Cleveland, who will work with nonprofit Neighborhood Progress, Inc. to create affordable housing and civic facilities and a citywide sustainable development policy. Wayne received Master's degrees in architecture, urban design and social work from Washington University in St. Louis.  Following graduation, Wayne worked with the National Endowment for the Arts to coordinate the Midwest Session of the Mayors' Institute on City Design.  He served as the president of the American Institute of Architecture (AIA) Students and as director on the National Architectural Accrediting Board and the AIA Board of Directors.  He is currently the Central States Regional Associate Director on the AIA National Associates Committee (NAC). To read more

Ohio Ranks in Top Ten for Energy Efficiency Policies A recent report by the Center for American Progress provides a report card on innovative state energy policies, intended to inform a national strategy for clean energy deployment. It was co-authored with Energy Resource Management (EnergyRM).

"This report shows how a number of states are already hard at work using smart energy policies to jump start the market for energy efficiency jobs and new investments to make their economies more competitive," said Bracken Hendricks, Senior Fellow, CAP Action Fund The report features a top 10 list of states the authors believe are leaders in creating energy efficiency markets. They are: 1. Connecticut 2. California 3. Maryland 4. Massachusetts 5. Pennsylvania 6. New York 7. Texas 8. North Carolina 9. New Jersey 10. Ohio To read the full report NPR Examines Green Building Market and LEED Last week on All Things Considered, NPR examined the growth of the green building market amidst the overall construction slow down.  The two-part segment by Franklin Cater was broken down into an analysis of the growing market sector and a review of some of the performance issues connected with LEED.  Click the links below to read each segment: Green Building: A Real Estate Revolution? Critics Say LEED Program Doesn't Fulfill Promises

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