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Hello Sustainable Cleveland 2019

 |  10/28/10 @ 2:03pm

The seeds are beginning to settle from the Summit this year, and it seems like a time to address how we will be moving forward. Thank you to all of the workgroup volunteers and Celebration Committee members who have been generous with their time and energy. As Mayor Jackson stated at the summit this year, "the best plan is the plan you do". Sustainable Cleveland 2019 is about taking action and creating the change necessary to build an economy that can support a city and region we are all excited to live in.

As we start our sophomore year as (CWRU) President Snyder so eloquently put it, I recommend using the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Action and Resource Guide. This is an excellent tool for prioritization and alignment whether you lead a large organization, are in a workgroup, or are a dedicated individual. The concepts and principles discussed can help expand your impact in our community and support building a green city on a blue lake.

I also want to highlight how the Celebration Years are organized and how some of the priorities will be determined moving forward. In Chapter 5 of the Action and Resource Guide, we highlight the overall organizational structure of the SC2019 initiative. During the summit we discussed the Celebration Committees for each of the Celebration Years as discussed in Chapter 3 of the Guide. The purpose of the Celebration Committees is to help organize and develop priorities on how to accelerate each Celebration Year's focus. The committees will play a critical role and it is important that representatives from each of the workgroups populate the Celebration Committees as well as representatives from the cross-cutting work groups.

The Guide can be found by clicking here.

We will continue to work on establishing these Celebration Committees and help to shape our process of moving into year two at a meeting on November 2nd at the Great Lakes Brewing Company. If you are wondering how to get involved and would like to learn more about the Celebration Committees, work group activities or resources online and otherwise you may want to register for this event. (To register click here) We recognize this is election day, so please make sure you remember to vote, we don't want to be responsible for you not getting your vote in.

For those of you who are unable to attend the meeting, the Office of Sustainability will follow up with by posting the agenda, handouts and notes from the meeting.

Together we can ensure Sustainable Cleveland 2019 will be successful in transforming our economy as well as helping to change the mindset and perception of our region.

* * *

I was struck by an article in GreenBiz.com about branding a Green City. The article mentions some tested concepts to champion to effectively develop a brand.

1. It is a marathon, not a sprint

2. Lead with insight

3. Do, then talk.

We are truly doing something that is original and bold. We are organized in a unique way, engaging so many people in the action. We are connected to meaningful initiatives and are highlighting programs and projects that can allow Cleveland and this region to shine. We are doing, not simply talking. Keep up the good work SC2019!

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