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Yesterday brought the leaving, tomorrow the parks

Richey Piiparinen  |  10/25/10 @ 10:22pm



Historically, the Flats is Cleveland's heart, or the place where the land and water arteries center and surround before pumping movement back out. But descending down into the river valley these days shows a source that's rather lifeless-at least at first glance. Since upon closer examination one can find that what appears gone is really the presence of a renewed bed of ecology that has arisen with the death of an era.

And given that the future of city design will be growing what's natural through the core of what's built, this is a good thing. More exactly, the disinvestment-or those vacant factory's holding in the silence that'd come after machines roaring-it has allowed life; the returned ecology, then, creating value where the city was birthed. And where value arises so does the potential for reinvestment, except this time the carving of human endeavor is in accordance with our biodiversity as opposed to the stripping of its worth.

In short, there appears on the near horizon of Cleveland a new image gathering in our mental map. The image is a recreational cluster on and around the Scranton Peninsula, and represents not fantasy but an endpoint of planning efforts that will actually get done. And what will the image look like?

It will look like a river flowing bluer, with rowers and kayakers dipping their paddling instruments in a rhythm that serves to guide them. And it will look like people sitting on the banks of a riverside park as birds fly over the iron bridges looking for food. And there will be pedestrians walking a series of trails with the skyline as their compass, as well skateboarders gliding in a basin surrounded by graffitied cliffs and trees. Summing, then: it will look like a city that is getting its act together by building a place for its citizens' bodies within the heart of a body called C-town for short.

For a more detailed and visual explanation of this budding recreational cluster, click on the link below. And then start doing push-ups and jumping jacks, preparing to be part of the revival of us?

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