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Green transpo: Meet social media; allying bike advocates; 3-C now on Facebook

Marc Lefkowitz  |  11/22/10 @ 11:09am

  • Chicago's Give a Minute campaign is smart civic engagement that embraces the divided attentions of social media users. They ask for one, quick idea to improve transit, biking or walking, and then post it on a virtual sticky note wall. 
  • The Cleveland Bicycle Alliance won a $10,000 grant to "unite our cycling community and organizations." The process will be led by the Alliance for Biking and Walking. To give your input on how to improve Cleveland bike advocacy, e-mail to Jacob VanSickle jacobv@slavicvillage.org.  
  • The Save the 3-C rail campaign now has a Facebook page (after one week, Wisconsin's save the train page has 9,000 friends) 
  • The Village of Glenwillow-in an effort to protect the nearby Tinker's Creek on the grounds of its new Village Hall-installed bioswales and riparian setbacks. A $63,050 grant from the Ohio EPA's Surface Water Improvement Fund and the US EPA Great Lakes Restoration Initiative paid for the green treatments. 
  • Abbe Turner's Lucky Penny Farms goat cheese operation in Kent is a ripe example of an emerging local foods business in Northeast Ohio, says Neofoodweb.org. Turner tapped local capital to create a business that processes goat cheese and benefits a number of local farmers. Watch the video followed by a panel of local foods experts explaining the benefits of food localization to the region. 
  • "The new scholarship on conservation and security also contains lessons for the United States: Serious environmental degradation has the potential to undermine our security, economic and political goals in many regions of the world. The lesson is being taught to us in Afghanistan, Somalia and many other places, if we care to pay attention: It's harder to win over hearts and minds when the environment has already been lost." -Anthony Zinni, retired four-star Marine general and a former commander in chief of the U.S. Central Command, on Huffington Post.

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