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Local support for Ohio renewables fund; bike sensors become code; more Ohioans want transportation choice

Marc Lefkowitz  |  12/06/10 @ 1:30pm

  • David Mallie heads EDC Group, a Garfield Heights company that installs cells towers and, increasingly, wind turbines and solar panels. Mallie recently testified before The Ohio House in support of H.B. 301 which would extend the Advanced Energy Fund (AEF) at the Department of Development. The Fund has generated $50 million for 620 advanced energy projects through a rider on utility bills: $1 per month for residential customers, $10 per month for commercial customers, and $50 per month for industrial customers.

    "We have seen tremendous job growth and customer demand in Ohio's renewable energy sector," he writes. "We credit (that) to the availability of funding through the AEF which without most renewable energy projects are unaffordable to the average person." See his letter and his list of our region's state legislators.

  • Wouldn't it be great if you rolled up to a traffic light on your bike or motorcycle and triggered it to change? A little-known Ohio Department of Transportation rule change will make that a reality. TEM Section 420-5.2 requires future road building projects to install more effective traffic signal detectors for light weight vehicles like bikes. Put in context, this small improvement is part of a more comprehensive suite of design and technical improvements known as Complete Streets. As an aside, a task force of Cleveland city council is considering Complete Streets legislation with the promise of rolling it up into a comprehensive package.
  • From ZeroLandfill Cleveland: Nicole McGee and Trish Supples opened the Pop-Up Gift Shop on Euclid in the Trinity Commons. This shop celebrates sustainability by offering products made from Cleveland artists using repurposed materials. In our first walk around the store, we saw items from Jeannetta Ho, Jill Easterling, Linda Zolten Wood, McGee and Supples that were created from ZeroLandfill materials. Check out this shop and all of the cool things that they are selling there. Open Thursday - Sundays through December 19th. They are also starting a BYO Craft on Fridays so that you can get your craft on with fellow creative souls.
  • Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development is looking for research papers, critical reflection essays, commentaries, and other manuscripts that provide insights into small- and mid-scale food value chain development.

    Value chains are strategic alliances between farms, ranches, and other supply-chain partners who distribute rewards equitably across the supply chain. They can include farm-to-institutions (schools, hospitals, prisons), multiproducer processors and wholesalers, multifarm CSAs, food hubs, food webs and networks, and the like. All partners in these business alliances recognize that creating maximum value for the product depends on significant interdependence, collaboration, and mutual support. Log on here for more information.

  • The Plain Dealer's PolitiFact finds truth in ODOT's statement that "Demand for transportation choice is on the rise, with 14 percent more Ohioans riding passenger trains over the past year."
  • From the Community Land Trust of Greater Cleveland: Did you know that the monthly cost for a $109,900 newly built (Cleveland EcoVillage) Green Cottage can be equal to the monthly cost for a typical two-bedroom renovation with a purchase price of $82,770? See their comparison here.
  • Gyms converting "sweat-to-power"-exercise machines produce green power
  • Rebecca Reynolds founded Green Clean to supply the area with healthy cleaning products and services. Her retail store in Rocky River also featured socially and environmentally made personal items. Reynolds announced the closing of the store as she pursues her passion: Holistic nutrition and health coaching. She joins Optimal Wellness Center in Lakewood and will continue to "fill the needs of the people searching for a healthier life, either to lose weight, control their food cravings, relieve allergy symptoms, or get nutritional help to ward off illnesses." Good luck, Rebecca.

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