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24 hours of water art (and sleepover) at Tower City; earth bricks in Oberlin; inner-ring suburbs can insist on sustainable development

Marc Lefkowitz  |  03/08/11 @ 12:46pm

  • The Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Water group has big plans for World Water Day (March 22, 2011). Led by CSU grad Erin Huber (she of the school's Rec Center green roof fame), the group will host a screening of "Tapped" for 150 middle schoolers from Carl and Louis Stokes Central Academy. That happens at Tower City where plans are underway for a "24 Hours of Water Art" exhibit.

    Nicole McGee-an artist who uses reclaimed materials / organizer of the Pop-up gift shop at Trinity Commons last Christmas-is coordinating volunteers of an art installation at Tower City's water fountain court (with a sleepover planned-if you'd like to help, email nicole@plentyunderfoot.com)

    The kids from Stokes Central will help build the art project and learn about the importance of clean water at an all-day event the 2019 group is organizing at their school. If that wasn't enough, the group is raising funds for a local water film with proceeds to benefit a school in Uganda. To read about their mission and activities, visit their web site here. 

  • From neofoodweb.org: Open source ecology leads to Compressed Earth Brick machine fabrication in OberlinDesigns for a Compressed Earth Brick (CEB) machine were developed and made available publicly through the Open Source Ecology Global Village Construction Set. A group has formed in Oberlin to work with local farms and gardens and the Joint Vocational School to fabricate this technology to make bricks with the abundant clay in Northeast Ohio. Click here to check out the plans for the CEB machine, and to learn more about Open Source Ecology.
  • First Interstate Properties now owns the Cleveland Heights portion of the former Oakwood Country Club, and will present their plans for a retail shopping center/park this Thursday (3/10) at 7 pm to South Euclid Planning Commission (1349 S. Green Rd). A group of citizens want South Euclid and Cleveland Heights to be strong negotiators before approving rezoning for the development. They call for a "community benefits agreement" which includes money placed in escrow to develop the park, an agreement to not seek tax abatements, LEED-Platinum buildings, a green infrastructure fund and more.
  • NRDC blogs about efforts in Ohio to lease school building rooftops for solar power. The Lakota District in the Cincinnati-Dayton area is working with Sol Ventus Partners a SW Ohio company that pays the upfront costs, and rents roof space and empty land for its solar arrays from the district. The district will purchase electricity back from them at rates that are the same or lower than what they pay now. A pilot project involving three buildings will likely save the district $50,000 a year. "We have 24 facilities," a district spokesperson said. "If we can do this with half our facilities, that's a big number going forward."

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