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SC2019: Powered by Community Action

Jenita  |  05/06/11 @ 1:59pm

Sustainable Cleveland 2019 working groups are meeting regularly and accelerating many aspects that are a part of building an economic engine to empower a green city on a blue lake.

Growhio hosted an event Tuesday to launch a new program to provide produce vendor start up assistance to local growers; to promote the 7 farmers' markets that are in the Cleveland Farmers' Market Guild; and to educate the public about farmers' markets and fresh foods. The program is funded by a $65,000 Ohio Department of Agriculture grant to promote specialty crops (fruits and vegetables) . The grant also provides some funding for the market managers, many of who were volunteers until this grant was received. Look for Growhio promotions on the sides of RTA buses and inside Rapid Transit trains. The vision and goals of Growhio emerged from the Local Food working group volunteers that formed during the 2009 Summit. For more information about Growhio's programming visit growhio.org/ODAgrant.php or email growhioinfo@gmail.com

The Vital Neighborhoods working group was created during the 2010 sustainability summit to focus on the role of neighborhoods in building a sustainable economy. The working group met Wednesday to discuss a project for the Year of Energy Efficiency and the framework for their work leading up to 2018, the Year of Vital Neighborhoods. Although still in its conceptual stage, the project the group is considering is a resident contest based on block club participation in certain energy efficiency activities.

The Zero Emissions Energy Initiative met on Thursday to discuss concepts and updates on both a commercial and residential net zero building. The group is refining their goals and outcomes , researching examples of building practices that are part of creating a net zero building and identifying existing local, national and international allies in the discussion of zero emissions energy and net zero energy buildings.

Sustainable Design Materials and Manufacturing working group met this morning. The group is working on the techniques to make design, materials, and manufacturing an integral part of a sustainable economy and community. Earlier this year SDMM created a mapping diagram to show the motivating and restraining factors on the various aspects of sustainability in the context of the manufacturing enterprise. Because there are more than 6,000 small and medium manufacturers in a 6 county area around Cleveland, Akron, Canton, and Youngstown, this tool could be a powerful driver for informing and motivating sustainability in the manufacturing sector. The diagramming tool is called DART which stands for Diagram for Action in Regional Transformation in Manufacturing.

Tomorrow the  Sustainable Water 2019 working group is hosting a beach clean-up this Saturday at Edgewater Beach. For more information about how to get involved, visit http://drinklocaldrinktap.org/fun-beach-clean-ups-edgewater/ .

Next week the SOMO group is hosting a series of Social Emotional Leadership Labs. SOMO is a new working group that emerged from both the Social Capital Working Group and a chance meeting of two summit participants in 2009. To learn more about next weeks' leadership labs and how to sign up, contact adele.dimarco@currere.net.

To keep up with the latest Sustinable Cleveland 2019 news, sign up for the bi-weekly eblast here: http://www.gcbl.org/2019/sign-2019-email-updates

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