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Oakwood rally, 2019 trans group takes position on Complete slash Green streets; biomimicry in Cleveland

Marc Lefkowitz  |  06/27/11 @ 2:44pm

· Citizens for Oakwood will rally to urge South Euclid City Council to vote 'no' on the rezoning of Oakwood golf course to become a big box center tonight. Starting at 5:30 pm on the sidewalk outside South Euclid City Hall, 1349 South Green Road, prior to the 8 pm City Council Meeting. On the agenda: Final vote on rezoning South Euclid parcel of 60 acres from Residential use to Commercial, C-2, use. They also have an online petition.

· Do our cities need to be 'hostile' to cars? Or could American cities and their public works / capital improvements departments simply adopt emerging street design standards (like the The National Association of City Transportation Officials Urban Bikeway Design Guide) that offer to bring more feet-and bikes-to the street? Monday's front page of the New York Times: "Europe Stifles Drivers in Favor of Alternatives" 

· Cleveland's Complete & Green Streets Ordinance was introduced at City Council on June 6th and approved by the City Planning Commission on June 17th. The ordinance is moving through committees and various City approval boards and will be read again at the July 20 meeting of City Council.

The Sustainable Transportation Action Team (STAT), which is a working group of the Mayor's SC 2019 process, supports the City's effort to pass a Complete & Green Streets ordinance. The ordinance read at City Council on June 6th is "a good foundation and we support its passage with the following recommendations":

1. A Complete and Green Streets "toolkit" and project "checklist" should be developed to help guide projects from conception, through design, to completion;

2. A series of metrics should be developed to measure progress in achieving the vision outlined at the beginning of the ordinance;

3. A provision should be added to the ordinance that calls for periodic review of the listed supporting guidelines and standards and should also call for a survey of new guideline documents that could be added to the list;

4. The ordinance should address the provision of specialized training that will be needed to ensure proper enforcement and implementation of the ordinance, relative to the new practices and processes that it will bring about;

5. The dollar amount provision in the "financial hardship" exemption (Section 6.b) is arbitrary and should be removed (the percent of total project cost provision is more appropriate);

6. The advisory committee referenced in Section 5 should include community representation, including at least one member of the Sustainable Transportation Action Team (STAT);

· With the national Biomimicry Institute's 2011 Biomimicry Educators Summit in progress in Cleveland this week, E4S and BiomimicryNEO are hosting a free evening presentation and dialogue with one of the world's leaders in integrating this new design strategy into the future of their business. Erin Meezan, Vice President of Sustainability at Interface, Inc. will present shared lessons and new opportunities for creating value with biomimicry Tuesday, June 28 at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

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