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SC2019 Working Group Updates

Jenita  |  06/22/11 @ 10:11am


Are you interested in joining a Sustainable Cleveland 2019 working group? You can see all working groups in this chart. If you'd like to connect with and volunteer to be a part of a working group email the City of Cleveland Office of Sustainability- sustainability@city.cleveland.oh.us

The SC2019 working groups are maintaining momentum and progress since Summit 2010. See below for some brief updates.

John Hay High School Fresh Food Collaborative has planted their school garden with help from the OSU Extension Office's Summer Sprouts Program. They are currently watering and weeding and hoping for a good growing season.

SC2019 Communications Resources working group is releasing a SC2019 brand standards document that will coincide with the availability of all of the SC2019 Celebration Year Logos online for download. This document can be used by all SC2019 stakeholders to visually align their communications with the initiative. Also, the Celebration Year Logos designed by Little Jacket Design won an identity award from AIGA last month. Look for the guide and the logos to download at www.cleveland2019.org next week.  

Drink Local. Drink Tap is going to Uganda for 1 month in July 2011 to finalize plans to bring fresh water to St Charles school (700 students, half orphaned) and 2,500 families in the community. Currently children walk 4.5 miles each morning to collect dirty water. The group plans to break ground in December. A documentary is being made to "Wake the World up to Water" which will aim to enter the 2013 Cleveland International Film Festival showing kids in Cleveland waking up to water and helping other kids globally who are not as water rich.  Stay tuned for blogs from Africa on Newsnet5.com  (also via Drinklocaldrinktap.org). Project page: http://drinklocaldrinktap.org/making-waves-from-cleveland-to-uganda-project/ 

Sustainable Transportation Action Team provided a representative to participate in the Complete and Green Streets Taskforce to aid in the drafting of the Complete and Green Streets Ordinance that was introduced to City Council on June 6th.  STAT added technical expertise and insight into the creation of the legislation. The STAT group also gave critical feedback during a City Planning Commission meeting during which the Ohio Department of Transportation presented final designs for the bike and pedestrian elements on the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge. The group advocated for a safer, more visible way to integrate bicycle traffic into the bridge right-of-way and into the neighborhoods on either side of the bridge, including an important route toward the Cleveland Bike Rack, a soon-to-be-opened downtown bicycle station. Their ideas included a left turn bike box and clearly marked crosswalk that incorporates safe passage for cyclists.

Sustainable Businesses & Businesses Incubators announces that EcoTuesday now has a new home at Gardens Under Glass inside the Galleria. During the meeting the Sustainable Businesses & Businesses Incubators/GUG working group  will give an update on their work.  The event is June 28th at 5:30pm. EcoTuesday is about sustainable businesses and attendees will also learn not only about Gardens Under Glass and Biodynamicz as sustainable enterprises but hear about so many more individuals and businesses who will be enriched and impacted in great and sustainable ways. Several members of the working group's core volunteer team will be on hand to share insights and stories as this project of the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 effort continues to grow in exciting new ways. Parking is just $3 in the Galleria Garage all evening! Delicious snacks and beverages provided.

ArtMart moves again from concept to reality thanks to Summit participant Nicole McGee. Collective Upcycle is a pop-up boutique of reused art & handmade goods by Cleveland artists. They have taken over the big & beautiful storefront in the NearWest Loftworks building at 6710 Detroit Avenue this June and will be open until Sunday, July 3rd.  We're open Tues-Friday 10am-8pm and Sat-Sunday 12pm-6pm.  The boutique brings together 30 Cleveland-area artists & innovators who repurpose existing resources & leftover materials and transform them into something new, functional, beautiful, or whimsical. In an enthusiastic demonstration of Cleveland's bustling creative reuse economy, you'll find repurposed jewelry, tote bags, flowers, furniture, candles, garden stakes, sun catchers, decorations, photo frames, stationary, wind chimes, magnets, accessories, art and more in Collective Upcycle.  Find out more at www.collectiveupcycle.com  

Growhio wants to know: Do you grow fruits or vegetables? Are you interested in selling at farmers' markets this season? Furnished vendor booth space is now available for start-up produce farmers and gardeners at 7 Cleveland area farmers' markets! 

SOMO Leadership Labs: Join SOMO every other Wednesday from 7-8 pm for a dose of positivity that will enable you to continue being a SOMO Leader in your life - and beyond.  Members are truly pumped from their first SOMO Call which happened on June 1 for 15 SOMO Leaders who hopped on the line to talk about opportunity and possibility. We shared wins, heard a snippet of positive psychology research, and discussed applications of that research in our daily lives. "If it weren't for SOMO, I wouldn't have chosen an opportunity to connect in that one moment," one participant said. Another said, "This very moment is my win of the day. Thank you!" For more information visit: http://www.somoleadershiplabs.com/

Zero WasteNEO: Take the Dive! Go for Zero! Attend a waste reduction workshop presented by E4S and ZeroWasteNEO. Learn ways to reduce your cost of managing waste through a dumpster dive. Set goals to attain zero waste status for your organization. Discover tools, resources and connections to peers to support your zero waste initiatives. The next Waste Reduction Workshop is scheduled for September 14th in Cleveland. For workshop information and registration details go here.

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