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An illustration of how we envision our future

Jenita  |  07/20/11 @ 3:05pm


The Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Communications Resources Working Group formed to be a lynchpin for all of the other working groups in order to provide visual brand consistency over the course of the SC2019 initiative.  Recently the working group led the process to create a logo for each SC2019 Celebration Year and chose Little Jacket Design to create the graphics. Little Jacket recently won an AIGA award for the logos.

These Sustainable Cleveland and Celebration Year Logos will soon be made available for download for any working group or organization working toward sustainability in any of the celebration year topics. There is also a Brand Standards Guide which aligns the look of SC2019 with the vision and priorities in the Action and Resouces Guide. Both the logos and Brand Standards Guide can be found here.

Working Group volunteer Rachel Downey, of Studio Graphique, would like the working group to build a collection of design templates to give out to people very freely so they can communicate events in an office, building, neighborhood, or community. They are beginning the process with the Year of Energy Efficiency, but long-term they would like to create an accessible collection that people can reach online.

"No one person owns this brand. It belongs to the community," Downey said. "People can take it and be creative with it, but with enough consistency so that it is recognizable.  I would like SC2019 brands to become part of our DNA so that everyone sees it, recognizes it, understands what it means and knows they can be a part of SC2019."

Downey has enjoyed witnessing the momentum of SC2019 and watching more people become involved, get excited and get to work on projects. She is excited about people who have never attended a summit, but have committed themselves to a project associated with SC2109. "Success is when people can continually roll onboard," Downey said. She is excited about the Sustainable Cleveland at Tower City space as an opportunity for more people to get involved. SC2019 at Tower City will bring the initiative to life in a 3D physical environment and will reach a different audience than the Summit or online communications.

The Communications Resources group will be using 2011 to set the stage for the rest of the Celebration Years by creating a system of materials.  By 2019, Downey wants everyone to recognize the visuals of SC2019 and understand what the initiative is about. "I want everyone to recognize it. Every person in this region should have seen somewhere some version of the SC2019 brand," Downey said. "The strength of a good brand can build something intriguing that people want to connect to. Effectively communicating what we're trying to do as a region should rally people and get them on board."

If you would like more information about the Communications Resources Group or if you are a communications professional that would like to be involved as a volunteer, go here.

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