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How is Ohio planning for climate change?

Marc Lefkowitz  |  08/08/11 @ 3:14pm

· How is Northeast Ohio planning for climate change impacts to human health, food, water and potentially degraded ecosystems? At "Climate Change in the Great Lakes: Safeguarding our economy, environment, and quality of life" this Wednesday, Gwen Shaughnessy, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) Coastal Services Center, dives into Community Engagement and Addressing Barriers to Adaptation, a panel looks at case studies of local climate planning, and Jeffrey Adkins at NOAA looks at the economic impacts to the Great Lakes among other important session topics.

· Former U.S. Senator (R-VA) John W. Warner (now with the Pew Project to engage state and municipal governments, local organizations and experts on the response to climate change) and Vice Admiral Dennis McGinn will speak on the climate change-security nexus at the City Club this Friday.

· Oberlin College is looking for a facilities manager/community outreach coordinator for its A.J. Lewis Center. Candidates will do everything from improving the solar power, tweaking the Living Machine and fruit orchard to developing community based and faculty programs. See the job description.

· Tremont West Development is looking for an Executive Director. See the job description here.

· In the latest EcoWatch Journal, Antioch professor and board member of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil-USA Megan Quinn Bachman sends a shot across the bow of renewable energy advocates, stating that the net energy use of new technology makes renewables less valuable. "My suggestion is that we reduce our wasteful consumption of energy while we invest our remaining fossil fuels largely in installing decentralized, small-scale renewable technologies that communities can replicate and control." Read more.

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