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SC2019 at E4S on Tues Aug 16th

Jenita  |  08/12/11 @ 1:14pm

Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson hosts the third annual Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Summit on September 22nd and 23rd at Public Auditorium in downtown Cleveland. On Tuesday August 16th at the Tasting Room at Great Lakes Brewing Company (yes - we are still at Great Lakes!), join the E4S Network as we explore how organizations and individuals are participating in SC2019. We will also take a look how we are using the celebration years to align with the vision of SC2019. Attend this pre-summit briefing to learn how you can get engaged and participate in the work of the Mayor's Summit in September.

Presentations include:

  • Brief orientation to Sustainable Cleveland 2019 & purpose of the upcoming summit, by City of Cleveland Chief of Sustainability, Andrew Watterson
  • Panel discussion on communicating and engaging with Sustainable Cleveland 2019 ? how institutions and organizations align with the vision of SC2019. Facilitated by, Jenita McGowan, Sustainability Manager, Office of Sustainability, City of Cleveland
  • Using the SC2019 brand, Aligning with the celebration years ? Including the PNC Smarthome at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History
  • Communicating progress

Panel members include:

  • David Beach, Director, Green City Blue Lake Institute, Cleveland Museum
  • Christina Vernon, Sr. Director, Sustainability and Environmental Strategy, Office for a Healthy Environment, The Cleveland Clinic
  • TBD

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