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My commitment to Sustainable Cleveland 2019

 |  10/10/11 @ 1:41pm

You have probably seen in the news or in the statement issued by Mayor Jackson on Thursday that I will be stepping down as the Chief of Sustainability for the City of Cleveland. I will be joining the sustainability and corporate responsibility firm, BrownFlynn, later this month. As a result of this announcement, it seemed important to reaffirm my commitment to Sustainable Cleveland 2019 (SC2019) in this forum that I contribute to often.

We are collectively part of a movement that is demonstrating the ability to transform not only our economy, but also our community to become more sustainable, transparent, connected and open. The work that we are collectively doing is creating new relationships between organizations, corporations and individuals in ways that is beginning to accelerate our independent work towards a common goal. There are many strengths of SC2019, but one that I am very proud of is the vision of an economy that supports instead of competes with a green city on a blue lake, and a commitment to realize this vision through collective action.

As some of you know, I came to the City about 6 ½ years ago from the private sector. As I see the sustainability movement grow, I see more and more businesses searching to identify the business value of sustainability. As you also are aware, Mayor Jackson is seeking to transform our regional economy into a sustainable economy by 2019. I seek to help the Mayor and our community to realize this goal by working more directly with the business community to achieve success both within their business and for the community at large.

Working for Mayor Jackson has been a great honor and leading the sustainability efforts on behalf of the City has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional life. Being a part of Sustainable Cleveland 2019 has and will continue to be a highlight of living here in Cleveland. It is one of the factors that makes me proud to be a Clevelander and happy to call this place home.

Though I will be leaving my position, I will not be leaving the mission. I will continue to work in the community with all sectors to use sustainability as a tool for economic, social and environmental success. I am looking forward to staying engaged with SC2019 in a new capacity that I hope demonstrates the ability for more people to take leadership roles in advancing this common vision that Mayor Jackson has given to all of us.

Let us keep up the momentum and demonstrate to the world that Cleveland is no longer a rust belt city, but a thriving, bright green city.

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