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Recap: SC2019 Working Group Report-Out

Jenita  |  12/14/11 @ 7:02pm

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Last night we hosted a Sustainable Cleveland 2019 report-out for the working groups at the future home of the Sustainable Cleveland Center. Seventy people were in attendance representing working group members, summit participants and individuals simply interested in finding out what SC2019 is all about. A work-in-progress, the Sustainable Cleveland Center is space donated by Forest City as a physical home for Sustainable Cleveland 2019.

The meeting was a good opportunity to look back at 2011 and see what has been accomplished as well as to be inspired for the work ahead of us in 2012. Thirteen working groups reported out and here is a summary of their updates:

Menu for the Future is a six-session discussion course book exploring the connection between food and sustainability.  "We are rolling" chair Nancy King Smith said. They have 12 groups going that include libraries, businesses, faith-based organizations and farmers that will be hosting these discussions. They will host a kick-off event on January 10th.  

 Sustainable Design Materials and Manufacturing has created the DART Board (Diagram for Celebrating Regional Transformation in Manufacturing), the Matrix and the Brain (which integrates all parts of their process). Jud Kine reported that their next steps include integrating the brain with the DART Board and they are looking for tech savvy people to join in, funding and perspective companies that would like to pilot their tools.

Have you Met Cleveland? Sonya Pryor Jones reported out on her project to introduce youth to Appreciative Inquiry and at the same time, introduce them to Cleveland. She is partnering with youth organizations to train youth in Appreciative Inquiry, survey adults working in sustainability and to analyze their findings. She is looking for SC2019 participants interested in completing a survey or participating in an Appreciative Inquiry interview conducted by the youth.

Collective Upcycle: Nicole McGee explained how Collective Upcylce grew out of some previous SC2019 efforts from the first 3 summits and finally turned into Collective Upcycle, a pop up shop that ignites vacant spaces, generates local economy and demonstrates creative re-use. She encouraged people to buy local and buy used for the holidays http://collectiveupcycle.blogspot.com/

Sustainable Transportation Action Team: John McGovern reminded the room about STAT's recent successes including successful advocacy that led to agreements for bike and pedestrian improvements on the Lorain Carnegie bridge, the adoption of Complete and Green Streets by the City of Cleveland and their current work advocating for multi-modal elements in the West Shoreway project. He invited anyone interested

Cleveland 2030 District: Dave Simons reported out for his working group which is spearheading Cleveland's participation in the Architecture 2030 challenge. They are leading the work to make Cleveland the nation's second 2030 District and are looking for people interested in green design, urban planning, radical resource efficiency, advanced and renewable energy, and architecture. For more information about the challenge visit http://architecture2030.org/ to attend their next meeting tomorrow at NOACA.

John Hay High School Environmental Club/Farm to School: Jim Thompson from the OSU Extension reported out on behalf of the school and the wider effort to connect schools with farms for nutritional and educational reasons. In 2011, the students created a community garden on the schools property with the goal of eventually serving the food in the cafeteria. They are working now to communicate with the administration that they would like to source their cafeteria food more locally. In other farm-to-school news, OSU Extension will be working statewide to implement programs in this area.

Sustainable Water Council: Kyle Dreyfuss-Wells reported out for the Water Sustainability Council works on and supports efforts that promote the goals of clean water, responsible stewardship of our waterways, and sustainable lakefront development. The Council has had several meetings hosted at the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District. For more information visit: http://www.gcbl.org/2019/celebration-points/2015%E2%80%94sustainable-water

Growhio: Gwen Forte reported out that Growhio will be launching a Restaurant Award Program in 2012 for restaurants that source food locally. They have a meeting the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm. They are also continuing their work with the Cleveland Farmers' Market Guild through their grant from the Department of Agriculture. They also reported on the success of their first Local Food Guide released earlier this year. http://www.growhio.org/index.php

Local Food Recipe Blog: Darlene Kelbach reported on this newly formed working group that formed to reach Clevelanders through an online repository to educate about using local foods. They are forming a very visual website and are dividing up the many local food assets we have to cover and post about. If you would like to join them and blog about your favorite farmers market or recipes, they'd love for you to join them.

Vital Neighborhoods: I reported out on behalf of the Vital Neighborhoods working group. The group formed during Summit 2010 and launched their first project in September, the Green Your Block Energy Efficiency Challenge which resulted in approximately 100 residents representing 19 block clubs participating in 4 ways: signing up for a Good Cents energy audit, installing a programmable thermostat, switching to a low flow shower head and switching to CFLs. Prizes included Energy Star Appliance drawing and gift cards to Home Depot. Next the group will meet to plan how to engage residents in the Year of Local Food

Advanced Energy Generation: Linda Sekura sent an email update that was read during the meeting. There have been many side emails and activity behind the scenes. During the Summit, 22 individuals/organizations joined, bringing their total members to over 150.  The hydrogen station build is scheduled for Spring 2012 at RTA's Hayden facility. They are Searching for methods to renewably generate vs using grid power. They are encouraging "pro-renewables" policies at the regional, state, and federal level and searching for best avenues. They are working on: How does the group install more small-scale solar and wind?  Working toward a "how-to" for home solar, and Do we create an outreach network in low income (or other) neighborhoods?  Your ideas are welcome.

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