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The future is now

Jenita  |  12/06/11 @ 2:07pm

The vision of Sustainable Cleveland 2019 is to surprise, amaze, and inspire the world with its transformation to a bright green city on a blue lake. Determined people from every walk of life will work together to shape vibrant livable communities, innovative businesses, and a flourishing natural environment that will result in health, wealth, creativity, and economic opportunities for all. Attaining the vision requires a cultural shift that will manifest itself in the way our city looks and functions. It will change for the better how we interact with each other, our cityscape and the environment.


We have a co-created vision for the City of Cleveland and the framework for how we will evolve into a green city on a blue lake, but what does a green city on a blue lake look like? How will it function? What is the path that takes us there? We have a Guiding document, but at present these questions are not fully answerable. That is why we must be prepared to recognize the opportunities to take the small steps and the big leaps that will get us there.

Our community has an opportunity to act on three significant projects that, when taken as a whole, are essential to transforming our city into the Cleveland of 2019. We have an opportunity to create a whole-system, sustainable, economic engine from Public Square, through the Malls, to the Lakefront, and along the West Shoreway-a connected corridor that would have benefits that reach far beyond its geographic boundaries. The projects integrate access to the lake, sustainable mobility, economic development, vibrant green space, vital neighborhoods, equity, efficiency and innovation.

We have an opportunity to take action toward this vision. On Thursday, December 15th join others from the Cleveland region and attend the ODOT Transportation Review Advisory Committee Meeting in support of the West Shoreway Project. The meeting is 10am in Columbus at 1980 West Broad Street. People attending are invited to take a bus, at 6:30 am on Thursday morning at the parking lot on the Northwest corner of W 61st and Detroit Avenue. 

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