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Teaching us a Thing or Two

Jenita  |  04/30/12 @ 3:09pm



On April 18th members of the Office of Sustainability visited the Famicos Foundation for their Sustainability Awareness Day.  Students from Glenville High School displayed their exhibits demonstrating the ways people can incorporate environmental strategies into their daily lives. The students definitely taught the experts a thing-or-two about sustainable solutions focused on local food and urban agriculture. 

Highlights from the day included DJ and Avil's informative presentation on Hydroponics and Aquaponics that sparked some fresh ideas for The Year of Clean Water in 2015.   Another memorable exhibit was Bobby, Erik and Darinae's decorated rain barrel presentation, which made our Rain Barrel Program intern Ryan Mackin especially proud.  There were also exhibits on Composting/VermiComposting, Garden Sox Garden, Healthy Eating, and a Hoop House Display.


Overall, the students were very knowledgeable and they did a wonderful job in answering all of our questions in regards to their exhibits.  It was great to see the students' ability to look at the BIG picture of sustainability and make the connection between what they are learning and how it applies to their daily lives.  This goes to show that youth can play a huge part in helping to build a sustainable economy. They are apart of the movement as much as anyone else and the students at the Sustainability Awareness Day proved just that.

Written by Cleveland Office of Sustainability Staff: Angela Fleming and Ryan Mackin

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