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Food Waste = Energy

 |  07/12/12 @ 10:00am  |  Posted in Clean energy, Food

Creating an advanced energy economy here in the United States will take us all diligently working to identify and create new energy resources. This requires us to reach far beyond simply identifying and exploiting new ways of extracting existing sources of energy. Harnessing the sun, wind and water are all ways of capturing the existing and ongoing energy sources that are abundant on this planet. Utilizing the embedded energy in our waste, such as waste heat or materials is another way that we can improve the efficiency of our energy systems and harness energy that would otherwise go to untapped.

This week, we celebrated the opening of Collinwood BioEnergy, a new Quasar anaerobic digestion bio-energy facility located in Cleveland, Ohio on property owned by Forest City Enterprises. At this facility, Quasar is harnessing the embedded energy in liquid waste products from Pierre's Ice Cream, also located in Cleveland. Through the bio-digester, Quasar is using the waste byproducts from Pierre's to produce methane gas, which is then burned to create electricity for Cleveland Public Power. Excess gas is refined and used either for the fleet or sold to Dominion to be used in their natural gas distribution system.

These types of home grown innovative projects will contribute to stabilizing our energy systems and help create new jobs that will contribute to creating a globally competitive economy that can sustain vibrant communities for decades to come. I am thrilled that this project is up and running.

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