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Cleveland your staycation destination

Marc Lefkowitz  |  07/02/13 @ 11:00am  |  Posted in Explore

Part of the package of claiming “environmental” and “writer” as your profession means you walk the talk on a lower carbon, lower consumption life. In the summer, surprisingly, I find the latter gets harder.

Little Italy<br />images: GCBLKelley's Island<br />The Bridge Project, 2009<br />The lower deck of the Detroit-Superior BridgeBlue Hen Falls<br />In the Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Biking to work, or walking to a playground, get a lot easier. So does growing our own food, right in the backyard. And buying it from a farmer who trucks it right in to our neighborhood.

But something about the pent up urge to be outdoors and explore gets all mixed up in the desire to consume. That said, I find the most satisfying consumption is immersion in nature. And tasting the culture that the city has to offer. It feeds my soul.

Still, back to that all-consuming urge of summer. Perhaps it’s a hangover from my Bourgeoisie or middle-class upbringing of summers spent in leisure, but I find myself asking all of my friends “what are your summer vacation plans?” knowing full well that we will be once again staycationing this summer. I’m getting my mind wrapped around this as a permanent condition.

So, how to make the best of a summer spent in Cleveland and its surrounds and feel good about it? Here are a few activities I’m putting on my short list (you may find that making the list actually fills the need, but part of making your staycation plans should include a stubborn adherence to having fun times around town, both solo and with the family). If you know of any other must-sees let me know.

Big Ohio trips

  • Visit Lake Erie islands
  • Stay in a cabin and hike the awesome sites in Hocking Hills
  • Mountain bike at Mohican State Park

For filling in a staycation of your own, check out the GCBL community calendar.

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Carbon Offsets
5 years ago

Don't forget that carbon offsets can be purchased through the Cleveland Carbon Fund or by donating to a green-relating organization.

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