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These Cleveland neighborhoods are greener than Portland

Marc Lefkowitz  |  12/04/15 @ 12:00pm  |  Posted in Driving

Northeast Ohioans drive their vehicles 20,592 miles per year—just under par with the rest of America at 21,377 vehicle miles traveled (VMT) per year.

<br />A sampling of neighborhoods in Cleveland that are driving fewer miles per year than Portland. Information provided by Center for Neighborhood Technology.<br />Transit use as a percent of the population in a sample of Cleveland area neighborhoods (versus Portland). Information from Center for Neighborhood Technology.

But the Cleveland area also has neighborhoods where residents are driving significantly less than typical. And taking transit at greater rates than the whole. See the charts above for a sample of Census Blocks in Greater Cleveland where commuters are driving less than alternative transportation mecca, Portland, Oregon where 6% of the population commutes by bike.

The Center for Neighborhood Technology’s interactive Housing + Transportation map, reveals the places in Cleveland that are living low-mileage lives. The factors may range from mobility choice to proximity to income.

Bottom line, these neighborhoods make alternatives to driving more attractive. They do it through density, walkable streets and the considerable presence of transit.

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