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Moving the U.S. off carbon with less pain, more gain

Bill MacDermott  |  02/16/09 @ 7:55am

An article worth a read from Yale Environment 360 (22 January 2009):Many environmentalists assume that putting a price on carbon and creating a renewable energy economy will require major public sacrifice. But the Sierra Club's Carl Pope argues that a well-designed package of market reforms - not austerity - will lead to a prosperous, low-carbon future.How painful will a low...more

Recycling bins 34% more effective when they have...holes!

Bill MacDermott  |  02/04/09 @ 12:07pm

Recycling bins in public places are starting to be more common, and they come in a variety of designs. Some are little bins hovering over trash cans that sometimes look more like cigarette bins, some look pretty much the same as a regular trash can...and some have small holes just the right size for recyclable items. Turns out, that latter...more

Comment: Time for a green industrial revolution

Bill MacDermott  |  01/26/09 @ 1:52pm

There was a good article, including a video interview, posted in new Scientist on Climate Change, and the potential opportunities that it presents. Here is an excerpt:21 January 2009 by Nicholas Stern AS THE world faces up to the worst global financial crisis since the 1930s, the economic case for tackling the global climate crisis is more compelling than...more

A Cleaner Way to Keep the City Running

Bill MacDermott  |  01/26/09 @ 10:11am

The New York Times had a good article on some new Building Integrated Wind Turbines that have been installed on an apartment building in the South Bronx.Here is a portion of that article:A Cleaner Way to Keep the City Running  By C. J. HUGHES  FOR centuries, grist-grinders and sailors have exploited the wind. Now, New York developers, homeowners and city...more

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