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Eco-innovations from Northeast Ohio

David Beach  |  04/15/09 @ 2:40pm

Sustainability is often about doing things better at lower cost and with less environmental impact. And it's great to see Cleveland-area companies developing breakthrough products to do just that. MesoCoat, for example, is figuring out how to replace the toxic process of chrome plating with nanotechnology solutions combining metals and ceramics. The resulting coatings are cheaper, stronger, tougher, and more environmentally- friendly - while...more

New book for river lovers

David Beach  |  04/05/09 @ 11:06am

Rivers flowing to Lake Erie define the landscape of Northern Ohio, and residents of the region have a deep, bioregional connection to these rivers. The latest example of this bioregional sensibility is the gorgeous new book, Living in the Vermilion River Watershed. The book includes 23 articles and over 300 full color photographs, contributed by 25 local writers and 18...more

Greening locally with the Cleveland Carbon Fund

David Beach  |  02/18/09 @ 9:07am

Responding to increasing concerns about the carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming, a number of services have developed to offer people options for reducing their impact on the planet. You can make donations, for instance, to reduce your carbon emissions from driving, flying, or heating your house. But it's often hard to know where those donations are going....more

What have we done?

David Beach  |  02/03/09 @ 11:43am

The sustainability community of Northeast Ohio is growing so fast and in so many directions that it's hard to keep track of all the activities. Can we take a moment to assess our progress? You can help us compile a "State of Sustainability" report that will reflect on the successes of 2008 and look ahead to what needs to happen...more

Cleveland stops idling

David Beach  |  01/19/09 @ 9:47am

Sustainability is about achieving multiple benefits, and the City of Cleveland's new anti-idling policy is a good example. Announced this weekend at the EarthFest, the policy will limit the idling of city vehicles, thus reducing fuel consumption, improving air quality, and saving money. Notification and training of employees will take place through May, and the policy will go into effect in June...more

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