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Sustainability agenda for the next governor

David Beach  |  11/14/07 @ 6:25pm

During the past year we've spent a lot of time educating Ohio political candidates about how to make our state more sustainable. We've worked with many partners to articulate reforms related to land use, the redevelopment of cities, energy, water quality, transportation, and other issues. As the election approaches, we'd like to hear more of your ideas. What innovative policies and practices can make...more

EarthWatch Ohio debuts

David Beach  |  11/14/07 @ 6:23pm

Ohio has a new publication, EarthWatch Ohio, covering environmental issues from an activist perspective. The free, bimonthly publication will distribute 30,000 copies through 1,000 sites in Northeast Ohio, with additional distribution in Columbus, Cincinnati, Athens, and Toledo. The goal is to reach all of Ohio's 88 counties with information about how citizens can get involved and improve the health of the state's...more

Landscaping for habitat

David Beach  |  11/14/07 @ 6:16pm

Want to create a landscape that's wildlife-friendly and good for the environment - and be trained so that you can help others be ecological gardeners, too? The Cuyahoga Soil & Water Conservation District and the National Wildlife Federation are teaming up to offer a series of workshops in October to train certified habitat stewards. Topics include landscaping for birds and...more

Celebrating the highways that were never built

David Beach  |  11/14/07 @ 6:15pm

This year's 40th anniversary of the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes is prompting many people to recall the epic battles that prevented the proposed Clark Freeway from obliterating the Shaker Lakes. By establishing the nature center right in the freeway's path, community activists drew a line in the sand (or in the marsh) and finally forced then-Governor James Rhodes to remove the road from the state planning map in...more

Your choices for our region

David Beach  |  11/14/07 @ 6:06pm

Between August and June, the Voices & Choices civic engagement process involved more than 17,000 citizen and leaders in identifying the greatest challenges facing the region. The six top challenges that emerged from these discussions were: Inequitable public school funding Government fragmentation and inefficiency Creating a 21st century workforce Racial isolation and income inequality Uncompetitive business environment Sprawl and regional connectivity...more

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