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Brown water

David Beach  |  12/11/06 @ 12:39pm

Several million influential people now know Cleveland as the place of freezing brown water, sewage, and beaches littered with used condoms and syringes, thanks to a front-page story in Sunday's New York Times. The story was about the gonzo surfers who brave winter weather to catch big waves off Edgewater Park. That was cool. But the story also dredged up disgusting...more

Cities of the world, cities of the Great Lakes

David Beach  |  11/22/06 @ 2:04pm

We've been saying that the future of the planet depends on developing greener, healthier, cities that offer economic opportunities to more people. For a stimulating think-piece on the kind of urban agenda that will help us create sustainable cities in the 21st century, see the Brookings Institution's presentation, "An Urban Agenda for an Urban Age." Part of the new thinking...more

Global warming influenced election

David Beach  |  11/20/06 @ 12:15pm

Half of Americans who voted in the mid-term elections said concern about global warming made a difference in who they voted for on Election Day 2006, according to a recent Zogby International post-election survey. Eighty-five percent of these voters who felt global warming was important cast their votes for Democratic Congressional candidates, including 48 percent of Independents and 7 percent...more

The bicycle cure for University Circle's parking crisis

David Beach  |  11/12/06 @ 2:29pm

With the already-car-clogged University Circle area expected to add up to 10,000 jobs in the next decade, one wonders where the new workers will park and how they will commute in and out of the area. The current parking solution seems to be more big garages. As the Plain Dealer reported today, the Cleveland Clinic is starting construction on a 4,000-space garage...more

A regional plan for growth?

David Beach  |  11/08/06 @ 2:12pm

It was interesting that a top priority identified at the recent Regional Town Meeting of Voices & Choices was "Plan for the future development and growth of the region." People are asking: How can we come together and talk about where it's best to develop land and where it's best to conserve land? How can we talk about issues of...more

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