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Energy can be the key to revitalizing Northeast Ohio

David Beach  |  05/16/06 @ 2:00pm

Cleveland's future might depend on developing a plan for sustainable energy, according to Peter Garforth, an international energy and business consultant who spoke today at the City Club.The world market for energy is changing rapidly with the end of cheap oil, the onset of global climate change, increased demand from countries like China, and political instability in oil-producing regions. When prices double and triple,...more

Choice time for Voices & Choices

David Beach  |  05/16/06 @ 1:22pm

Voices & Choices — the 18-month, 15-county, civic engagement project involving thousands of citizens — is starting to hone its agenda for the economic transformation of Northeast Ohio. On June 6, the project will host a Regional Leadership Summit with 250 invited people to frame proposed solutions in six challenge areas:Inequitable public school funding Government fragmentation and inefficiency Creating a 21st century workforce Racial isolation and income inequalities Uncompetitive...more

Extreme nature in the city - 2

David Beach  |  05/08/06 @ 5:44pm

I haven't seen a black bear around here yet, but last week I saw a wild turkey in Cleveland's Rockefeller Park, a coyote along Coventry Road in Shaker Heights, and a mink by the Shaker Lakes Nature Center. And then there are all the amazing neotropical songbirds passing through the region on spring migration. more

Our war for the future of Northeast Ohio

David Beach  |  05/04/06 @ 9:15am

“We have to somehow make the competitiveness of our region our equivalent of war,” said David Abbott, executive director of the George Gund Foundation, in a recent speech. “We have to somehow assemble enough public demand to make the changes we need in order to win in global competition.” Go here to read the entire, wide-ranging speech, which outlines the...more

Jane Jacobs, 1916-2006

David Beach  |  04/26/06 @ 10:46pm

Lovers of cities were saddened yesterday to hear about the death of Jane Jacobs. Her 1961 book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, revolutionized urban planning by focusing not on esoteric planning theories but on how people actually use streets, parks, stores, and neighborhoods. She celebrated the chaotic jumble of city life — observing, for instance, that busy, densely populated, mixed-use neighborhoods tend to be quite safe because of the "eyes...more

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