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Resilience after Hurricane Sandy

Greg Studen  |  11/13/12 @ 8:15pm  |  Posted in Climate

The devastation caused by hurricane Sandy has given rise to a lot of thinking and discussion about the vulnerability of our civilization to the impact of destructive environmental events. The term "environmental event" describes a range of natural disasters that can cause widespread physical destruction, loss of life, and social disruption. Certainly, major storm events and floods like hurricane Sandy...

What is the future of nuclear power?

Greg Studen  |  04/04/11 @ 9:09am

The Japanese nuclear crisis has caused many people to look again at the pros and cons of nuclear power. Many of the most powerful reasons for doubting the viability of a large new nuclear power sector are economic.  For example, here is an analysis of the costs of building, operating, maintaining, and decommissioning nuclear power plants. Nuclear plants are fabulously expensive,...more

Climate Change Action Update

Greg Studen  |  01/03/11 @ 8:42pm

December's fifteen degree weather, complete with raging snowstorms, was enough to make global warming skepticism tempting to anyone. To resist that temptation, we have to be reminded again that weather is not climate. We have recently had some cold weather, relatively speaking, but not a colder climate. In fact, the reason for so much  lake effect snow in December is that...more

Communicating Climate Change

Greg Studen  |  10/20/10 @ 10:22pm

Public reactions to information about global warming show that many people are very resistant to believing the conclusions and predictions of climate scientists.  A lot of work needs to done to understand public attitudes, and to present sound scientific information in a way that is understandable and believable.  Recently, a paper entitled "Global Warming's Six Americas"  was published by the Yale...more

Cost benefit analysis of energy sources

Greg Studen  |  07/12/10 @ 3:12pm

One of the critical issues in evaluating new energy technologies is how to determine whether a new energy installation--a windmill, a solar panel, a power plant--will generate more energy over its useful life than the energy it takes to build and maintain it, and how much more.  This analysis falls under the general category of cost/benefit analysis. Comparing the total...more

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