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Cost benefit analysis of energy sources

Greg Studen  |  07/12/10 @ 3:00pm  |  Posted in Clean energy

One of the critical issues in evaluating new energy technologies is how to determine whether a new energy installation--a windmill, a solar panel, a power plant--will generate more energy over its useful life than the energy it takes to build and maintain it, and how much more. This analysis falls under the general category of cost/benefit analysis. Comparing the...more

The Three Energy Revolutions

Greg Studen  |  09/03/09 @ 1:43pm

The key to the crisis of sustainability is energy--where do find it, how do we use it, how do we deal with the consequences of energy extraction and use. The discovery and development of fossil fuels has made possible the industrial revolution with all the great material benefits that have flowed from abundant energy and the technologies that it supports....more

US Senate action on climate change is urgently needed

Greg Studen  |  07/13/09 @ 11:48am

The great climate debate of 2009 is moving ahead on several fronts. You may recall that the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES), otherwise known as Waxman-Markey, passed the House on May 26. A very useful bullet-point summary of the bill is available here. Briefly, the bill establishes a cap and trade program to control carbon dioxide...more

Historic Climate Change Legislation is Now in Congress

Greg Studen  |  06/01/09 @ 11:43am

On May 21 the US Congress took a decisive step towards regulating green house gas emissions, and launching the new energy economy, as the House Energy and Commerce Committee approved the "American Clean Energy and Security Act" by a vote of 33 to 25. This is the beginning of a process that supporters hope will result in final approval of...more

It's time for climate change action

Greg Studen  |  05/12/09 @ 12:00pm

GreenCityBlueLake Institute is working with many individuals and organizations in Northeast Ohio to map out and implement a regional strategy for greenhouse gas reductions. We need everybody's help to make real progress, and welcome your comments and suggestions. So far, we have analyzed our carbon dioxide emissions using a "carbon footprint" protocol, which helps to see where carbon is burned...more

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