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Are you a hypermiler?

Greg Studen  |  05/10/09 @ 9:24pm

Your tachometer is the dial on the dashboard of your car, next to the speedometer, that tells you the engine speed in revolutions per minute (rpm).  The tachometer originated for use in performance cars and commercial equipment, such as tractors and trucks, where it is important to know engine speed as well as ground speed. Knowing engine speed in commercial...more

The three levels of energy efficiency

Greg Studen  |  04/20/09 @ 7:03pm

We are in the midst of an avalanche of information about the dramatic warming of the Earth's climate.  From melting glaciers and Arctic sea ice, to disappearing permafrost, drought and storms, to alarming news of significant warming of the oceans, there is no longer any doubt that the challenge of combating climate change is upon us. A new sense of...more

Arctic nightmares

Greg Studen  |  04/07/09 @ 2:00pm

The beauty and the austerity of the Arctic have long captured the imagination of artists and writers. Whether it's the light, the endless tracts of wilderness, or the featureless snow and ice of the far north, the Arctic has a magical quality which inspires the imagination as if we have stepped into a dream.Now that dream threatens to become...more

Changing worldviews

Greg Studen  |  03/16/09 @ 2:07pm

Mounting evidence of resource depletion, pollution, and global warming are making it difficult to imagine how our current form of industrial civilization can continue on the path of sustained economic growth. It now appears that humanity must undergo a dramatic shift from an economy based upon high consumption and fossil-fuels to one that emphasizes conservation and is powered primarily...more

What is wealth?

Greg Studen  |  03/16/09 @ 2:03pm

The recent worldwide financial crisis has focused a lot of attention on the issue of money. With numbers in the trillions of dollars quoted every day as if they are on the order of your weekly grocery bill, and fortunes in the billions made and lost in an instant, we wonder if money can be created and destroyed at...more

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