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Are things getting better all the time?

Greg Studen  |  10/07/08 @ 3:15pm

Recently I received a check in the mail from the US Treasury. This was not a tax refund, nor money that they owed. They just sent it to me. On the bottom of the check it says, "2008 ECONOMIC STIMULUS PROGRAM."The stimulus check, which went to millions of Americans, was obviously not sent out to fatten our grandchildren's college fund....more

The science of global warming

Greg Studen  |  09/19/08 @ 4:46pm

Recently I received two papers that each directly contradict the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) conclusions and recommendations on climate change. (The IPCC's latest report Climate Change 2007-The Physical Science Basis was issued on February 2, 2007. See the IPCC Summary Report for Policymakers (pdf) for a concise review of the results with helpful charts and graphs)....more

Some thoughts on greenhouse gas regulation and the Ohio economy

Greg Studen  |  09/10/08 @ 5:14pm

With increasing concern about the global warming effects of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide (CO2), it seems likely that there will soon be some national regulatory legislation. This could easily occur next year, depending upon who is in the White House and Congress. It is most probable that this legislation will be in the form of "cap and trade," where...more

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