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Keeping the gears turning: Dec 13th SC2019 update event

Jenita  |  11/21/11 @ 1:09pm

The hard work, passion, dedication, positivity and get-up-and-go of hundreds of people are building an economic engine to empower a green city on a blue lake. Meeting to celebrate success, accelerate progress, and foster community action keeps the gears turning in between the annual summits. Join us on December 13th, 5-7 p.m. for a sneak peak of the Sustainable Cleveland...more

SC2019 at E4S on Tues Aug 16th

Jenita  |  08/12/11 @ 1:14pm

Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson hosts the third annual Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Summit on September 22nd and 23rd at Public Auditorium in downtown Cleveland. On Tuesday August 16th at the Tasting Room at Great Lakes Brewing Company (yes - we are still at Great Lakes!), join the E4S Network as we explore how organizations and individuals are participating in...more

Sustainable Cleveland Expo at Ingenuity Fest

Jenita  |  07/28/11 @ 1:17pm

Ingenuity Cleveland and Sustainable Cleveland 2019 (SC2019) announce a partnership to bring a Sustainable Cleveland Expo to IngenuityFest 2011.  The Sustainable Cleveland Expo is a chance for companies and organizations to exhibit their technologies, resources and services to the more than 40,000 people who attend the Festival every year.  This year's festival will return to the VeteransMemorial (Detroit-Superior) Bridge September 16...more

An illustration of how we envision our future

Jenita  |  07/20/11 @ 3:05pm

[img_assist|nid=9895|title=|desc=|link=none|align=middle|width=200|height=108] The Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Communications Resources Working Group formed to be a lynchpin for all of the other working groups in order to provide visual brand consistency over the course of the SC2019 initiative.  Recently the working group led the process to create a logo for each SC2019 Celebration Year and chose Little Jacket Design to create the graphics. Little...more

SC2019 Working Group Updates

Jenita  |  06/22/11 @ 10:11am

[img_assist|nid=9753|title=|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=200|height=133] Are you interested in joining a Sustainable Cleveland 2019 working group? You can see all working groups in this chart. If you'd like to connect with and volunteer to be a part of a working group email the City of Cleveland Office of Sustainability- sustainability@city.cleveland.oh.us The SC2019 working groups are maintaining momentum and progress since Summit 2010. See...more

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