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Sustainable Cleveland 2019 is 'aggressively inclusive'

Jenita  |  04/01/11 @ 11:32am

Marie Kittredge describes the Sustainable Cleveland 2019 Social Capital Working Group as "aggressively inclusive".  She is a founding member of the working group and also Executive Director of Slavic Village Development.  "Everyone who has participated in the Social Capital working group is 100% committed to developing people and human capital," Kittredge said.The Social Capital Working Group formed at the first...more

SC2019 Work Group Report-Out Enhances Collective Work

Jenita  |  03/31/11 @ 3:43pm

The Sustainable Cleveland 2019 All-Work Group report-out earlier this week convened more than 70 people representing almost all of the working groups. Invitations were also extended to individuals who wanted to reconnect with SC2019 or to get involved for the first time. The purpose of the event was to provide a venue for working groups to share what they are...more

Opportunities for SC2019 Work Groups

Jenita  |  01/18/11 @ 2:44pm

Two upcoming opportunities for Sustainable Cleveland 2019 workgroups have come to the attention of the Office of Sustainability.Stan Hywett Hall & Gardens seeking Innovation Station ProposalsAs part of the Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens' 2011 theme of The Power of Innovation, the estate is planning interactive innovation exhibits. These interactive stations are to be thoughtfully designed to be fun and...more

Top findings about a 25% shift to local foods in Northeast Ohio

Jenita  |  11/16/10 @ 3:21pm

A coalition of non-profit organizations is developing a soon-to-be-released Northeast Ohio Local Food Assessment and Plan. At a pre-release event at the Levin College of Urban Affaris on Saturday, the consultant team (Michael Shuman, Leslie Schaller and Brad Masi) presented a summary of their findings and recommendations. The major goal of the Northeast Ohio Local Food Assessment and Plan is...more

City of Cleveland to host Summit 2010: The Glocal Engine

Jenita  |  09/11/10 @ 10:47am

The City of Cleveland will host a sustainability summit Sept 22 and 23 from 8am-5pm at Public Auditorium in the Cleveland Convention Center as part of the ongoing activities for Sustainable Cleveland 2019 (SC2019).SC2019 is an economic development initiative that began in 2009 with a three-day summit that successfully engaged nearly 700 stakeholders in the region to launch a community-wide,...more

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