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Bike updates

Marc Lefkowitz  |  11/27/06 @ 11:03am

Here are just a few news items and pages on cycling recently added to GreenCityBlueLake:The Jackson Administration is looking at Cleveland’s five-year capital planning as a great opportunity to build bike/pedestrian improvements into the city budget. Local cycling newsletter CrankMail published its 10 Best Rides in Cleveland (available on CD with route maps, just in time for Christmas). ClevelandBikes was...more

Dream life

Marc Lefkowitz  |  11/20/06 @ 1:59pm

GreenCityBlueLake likes to hear from you. When you sign up for a user account, you have the option of telling us a little bit about yourself — including your vision and your dreams for a more sustainable future. (Thanks to those who’ve already filled out their profile.) In the spirit of getting to know our community, we’re going to start...more

Burning a hole (in our pocket)

Marc Lefkowitz  |  11/17/06 @ 11:08am

Former World Bank Chief Economist now Britain’s top economic policy maker just released a report that calculates the bottom-line cost of global warming. Sir Nicholas Stern looked at everything — losses in Australia’s tourism (from devastating the Great Barrier Reef), rising insurance rates in Florida, flooding in poverty stricken countries in Southeast Asia and droughts in Western Africa. He estimates...more

As American as apple pie

Marc Lefkowitz  |  11/10/06 @ 3:39pm

This week’s election—and a rousing victory speech from U.S. Senator-elect Sherrod Brown that included his vision of Ohio as “the Silicon Valley of Alternative Energy”—confirms more than a desire for generic change. It solidifies that our economic and national security outlook will be based on renewable and alternative forms of energy, and that those values have entered the mainstream.GreenCityBlueLake has...more

A conversation with global connections

Marc Lefkowitz  |  10/25/06 @ 4:37pm

Cleveland is in the world spotlight this week thanks to the UN Global Compact and Business as an Agent of World Benefit’s forum at Case, which is drawing an international cast of academics, non- and for-profit business leaders. At yesterday’s session focused on how Northeast Ohio is acting on sustainability, an all-star panel updated us on the region’s progress and led an...more

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