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Is Corn Plastic Safe, Environmentally Friendly?

Michael Lehto  |  12/02/09 @ 4:00pm

I just received my new "Corn Plastic" mug from the recent WCPN fund drive and found myself wondering about this stuff. It's touted as being much greener than traditional plastic, and, of course, one can see the benefit of not having the massive inputs of petro-chemicals needed to make traditional plastic (this stuff is made purely from sugars derived from...

Euclid Corridor Bike Lanes

Michael Lehto  |  02/19/08 @ 12:20pm

Alright, so I finally got a chance to try out the new bike lanes on Euclid Ave., one of the hallmark features of the Euclid Corridor project (in my opinion, anyway). Cleveland is notoriously hard on bikers, so it is refreshing and delightful to actually have some dedicated bike-space while heading to or from downtown. That said, I'm still going...more

Where Cars are King

Michael Lehto  |  01/23/08 @ 1:04pm

It's remarkable how much time and energy we spend making sure our driving spaces are clear and easy to use... but where do we peds fit in? The recent bout of heavy snowfall in Cleveland has reminded me how ridiculous our social norms and public policies can be. My neighbors will meticulously remove (or, typically, pay to have removed) the...more

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