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For Cleveland, the future is now

Richey Piiparinen  |  12/08/11 @ 11:00am  |  Posted in West Shoreway

The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) promised to help get us there: to Lake Erie. They planned and funded a project that would puncture a highway with human scale assets that would allow Clevelanders to access their lakefront. Then came Kasich and asphalt lobbyist/ODOT director Jerry Wray. The good ol' boys said no. The two would cook over Lake Erie...more

Resiliency: They are all witnesses

Richey Piiparinen  |  03/04/11 @ 12:32pm

Losing LeBron was not the loss. It came before that. And the reasons we near-begged him to stay dealt with those absences we're still trying to figure out? Unemployment, vacancy, inaccessibility, disecology-these were the hits to our break. But then came James-the antidote to our sickness in a superhero world: I mean why build up neighborhoods when we can clap after...more

Finding Sustainability: Cleveland-from a Forest to a Fire to a Flight

Richey Piiparinen  |  02/17/11 @ 1:16pm

The following is a piece I wrote for Teaching Cleveland's new locally-driven curriculum for regional students and is being re-printed with permission. The content was made possible through the efforts of Michael Baron and Greg Deegan. Click here to check out the Teaching Cleveland site. The fire is being fought, but the flames do not seem to diminish, and the...more

ReImagining: Getting beyond the visions and into the flesh

Richey Piiparinen  |  02/16/11 @ 10:48am

ReImagining Cleveland has been a seed in the minds of urban thinkers for some time now, yet it was only until recently that the idea has been allowed to get flesh. GCBL will be running a series of vignettes on a few of the projects where the dirt's broken, with the intent, then, to understand what the situation is on...more

Cleveland's fright before the flight?

Richey Piiparinen  |  01/22/11 @ 12:21am

No doubt anecdotal, but I can't help but observe a common refrain from many who grew up in Cleveland circa the 50's thru the 70's. And the chorus sounds something like the reference to that down-and-out uncle, saying things like "what a shame" as eyes begin descending toward the sidewalk or the floor. It can be argued, perhaps, that such...more

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