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Moving the river so we can drive to play craps. Really?

Richey Piiparinen  |  12/20/10 @ 4:42pm

Most everyone agrees economic gain is good. Many just disagree on how to get there. There's the old way-or working with money itself as a means to create more of it. Think casinos. Think derivatives. Think shooting dice against the back of a building in an alley. Or short-sales on houses. The list is endless really. But this list is...more

A history of a city and its sports. (Or the creation of the prodigal son.)

Richey Piiparinen  |  11/11/10 @ 10:25pm

What follows is a description of the relationship between a city and its sports, with the intent to show how this relationship is affected by a region's identity, as well as the ways we go about the process of city-building. The city lies like the outward reflection of a mental graveyard. So many vacant houses resting in the arrival of all...more

Cleveland: frontier becomes us

Richey Piiparinen  |  10/29/10 @ 10:04am

Cleveland's fabric was hurt by past urban development that focused on squeezing gain out of our assets in spite of their worth.  More recently, a more organic approach to planning and design has sparked a movement of growing Cleveland through its vacancy, with the intent to mend  those cuts in our urban ecology that need sown.  Click the play button below to...more

When the law of the land isn't: guerrilla gardening in Cleveland's Near West Side

Richey Piiparinen  |  10/25/10 @ 10:27pm

Highways chain the tucked Stockyard/Clark-Fulton neighborhood like a pen does the exploration of a baby. There's I-90 to the north, I-71 to the east and south, and then some rail running west for good measure. Beyond this continuity slice, disinvestment is extreme here, with single-home sales averaging less than $21,000 for 2009. As well, vacancy and tax delinquency are as...more

Yesterday brought the leaving, tomorrow the parks

Richey Piiparinen  |  10/25/10 @ 10:22pm

     Historically, the Flats is Cleveland's heart, or the place where the land and water arteries center and surround before pumping movement back out. But descending down into the river valley these days shows a source that's rather lifeless-at least at first glance. Since upon closer examination one can find that what appears gone is really the presence of a renewed...more

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