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Lakefront parks deal moving fast thanks to state funding

David Beach  |  04/02/13 @ 3:00pm  |  Posted in Connecting to nature

People who dream of a great Cleveland lakefront cheered yesterday, as Ohio Governor John Kasich signed a state transportation bill containing $14 million for repairs to Cleveland Lakefront State Park (not included in the bill was more support for transit, but that’s another story).

No access<br />The Cleveland lakefront has been poorly maintained for many years, but now there is hope for better management.

After a decade of dreams, what's the future for Eastside Greenway?

Marc Lefkowitz  |  03/13/13 @ 12:00pm  |  Posted in Transportation choices, Connecting to nature

Fourteen communities on Cleveland’s east side share a boundary and the distinction of being in the Eastside Greenway, a proposed network of parks and districts linked by greenspace and bike infrastructure. But to the cyclist cruising from Glenville to North Chagrin Reservation or the suburban runner training for a marathon, the communities may as well be one. Great greenway networks...

Biking across University Circle<br />The midway point in the Lake (Erie) to (Shaker) Lakes Trail, completed in 2012 with off-road trails, sidewalks and in some cases, dirt paths.Linking with the past<br />The Lake to Lakes Trail incorporates the existing Harrison-Dillard Bikeway, here through the median of Stokes Boulevard.Biking culture<br />The Lake to Lakes Trail has amazing views of architecture and art, including this piece from the David E. Davis Sculpture Garden along Stokes Boulevard.Tough sledding<br />The Lake to Lakes Trail has to traverse the difficult 'spaghetti bowl' of streets, here Carnegie Avenue, at the base of Cedar Hill.Linking business<br />BioEnterprise (building in the distance) and University Circle's 40,000 employees now have a viable bike link to Shaker Heights. <br />Transit links, too<br />This RTA bus loop will be replaced by a park, but the Rapid station at University Circle is being rebuilt.<br />Park connection<br />The Rudy Rogers Boy Scout park historically has been an underused green space between two commuting arterials. Perhaps the trail will help enliven it.<br /><br /><br /><br />Infrastructure tourism<br />The Baldwin Water Treatment plant for the city of Cleveland is an outstanding piece of architecture tucked in to the hill side climb to the Heights.<br /><br />Gateways<br />The Lake to Lakes Trail is along a major commute corridor and the entryway to the Larchmere neighborhood, home to world famous Shaker Square.<br /><br />Trail merging<br />At the entrance to Shaker Heights, the Lake to Lakes trail merges with the sidewalk.Fairhill in Shaker<br />The Lake to Lakes Trail transitions to a sidewalk as it crosses into Shaker Heights.Crossing Fairhill<br />The planning extension of the Lake to Lakes Trail will be facilitated by a crosswalk at Fairhill and North Moreland roads.Crossing Fairhill<br />The Lake to Lakes Trail extension will run along the north side of Fairhill Road pictured in the background.Trail extension<br />The Lake to Lakes Trail will be extended on this stretch of Fairhill Road in 2014.Coventry extension<br />The Lake to Lakes will be extended as a side path for Coventry Road.<br />North Park at Coventry<br />The Lake to Lakes Trail will improve walking and biking between Cleveland and Shaker Heights.This way to Shaker Lakes<br />The Lake to Lakes Trail extension planned for 2014 will include a spur leading to the Lower Shaker Lake. North Park Boulevard west<br />A new side path will connect North Park, where a dirt path and a bike lane can be found, with Fairhill Road which contains the Lake to Lakes Trail. North Park bike lane<br />A bike lane on North Park Boulevard west of Coventry in Cleveland Heights.Where the sidewalk ends<br />At the entrance to the Shaker Lakes, the sidewalk suddenly gives way (at SouthPark Road).<br /><br /><br />Stately<br />The sidewalk periodically returns -- if infrastructure is incomplete, the views along the dirt paths are nice. It points to room for improvement as the Eastside Greenway looks at a network of greenways and bike infrastructure.<br />Bioswale at Lower Shaker Lake<br /><br />Lower Shaker Lake<br />

A voice for the old forest

Marc Lefkowitz  |  09/11/12 @ 1:00pm  |  Posted in Connecting to nature, Land

<br />

You’ve heard the old adage, if a tree falls in the forest and no one’s around to hear, does it make a sound? Dr. Joan Maloof hopes that by hearing her voice for the forest, you will be motivated to protect a small patch of it in your county. Maloof started the Old Growth Forest Network – an effort to protect...more

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