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Tapping Ohio's passion for greater transportation choice

Amanda Woodrum  |  04/10/13 @ 1:45pm  |  Posted in Biking, Transit, Climate, Vibrant cities, Transportation choices, Walking, Driving, Transportation

Recently, the Ohio legislature passed the state’s $7.6 billion biennial transportation budget, initiated by Governor Kasich and signed into law on April 1st. As usual, the budget neglects transportation options, with less than one percent going towards public transit and even less towards bikeable and walkable streets, electric vehicles, freight, and commuter rail.

Making connections<br />Covered bike parking at a Greater Cleveland RTA station in Lakewood helps people combine bike and transit trips. Model corridor<br />Cleveland's Euclid Corridor features bus rapid transit, bike lanes, a free trolley and an enhanced pedestrian environment.Complete Street plans<br />Fleet Avenue in Cleveland's Slavic Village neighborhood is scheduled to get a makeover with bike lanes, better crosswalks, street trees and wider sidewalks.Access for all<br />This concept for multi-purpose path on the new Cleveland Innerbelt Bridge inspired a major bike-pedestrian improvement on the nearby Lorain-Carnegie Bridge.Placemaking<br />Greater Cleveland RTA is rebuilding Red Line Rapid Transit stations, such as this one at University Circle, to better connect to the surrounding neighborhood and  be an anchor for development. Better ride<br />The RTA Health Line in Cleveland is the region's first bus-rapid transit service, and it features articulated, hybrid-drive vehicles that move more riders than regular buses.

Cleveland wields stick on bike parking ordinance

Marc Lefkowitz  |  03/07/13 @ 10:00am  |  Posted in Biking, Transportation choices

In Cleveland’s first attempt to be a Bike Friendly Community—an honor that the League of American Bicyclists bestows upon cities that make progress in the five “Es” of bike sainthood (Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, Evaluation & Planning)—the city didn’t rank higher than an honorable mention. The city’s Planning Department offered a response in 2010 with its Active Transportation Plan. In it,...

<br />Bike parking in Cleveland<br />200 Public Square (BP Building) parking garage bike parking spaces.  This garage has a grid style, 9 bike capacity rack located near the main vehicle entrance off of Superior Ave. 

With 755 total vehicle spaces, this garage will be required to provide 24 bicycle parking spots by June 2010.Room for improvemet<br />515 Euclid Avenue parking garage.  This facility has a grid style, doublesided 6 bike capacity rack installed near the main vehicle entrance, with a large sign.   Unfortunately, it is installed against the concrete wall, making 3 of the bicycle parking spaces unusable.

This 524 space garage will be required to provide 24 bicycle parking spaces by June 2010.Going up?<br />Before tenants in Key Tower worked with management to improve the bike rack, his grid style, double sided, 10 capacity bike rack was installed in the lowest level and in a manner where the bikes could only be accommodated on one side of the rack without blocking a car space, effectively limiting capacity to 5 bikes.

City of Cleveland ordinance will require this 986 car space garage to have 24 bicycle parking spaces by June 2010.Key improvements<br />After a tenant law firm worked with the building's management to improve bike parking in the parking garage, the new Key Tower garage racks are located closer to the entrance to the building than the nearest handicap spot, and in a spacious area with plenty of light and foot traffic .

Can Complete Streets like Euclid provide safety?

Marc Lefkowitz  |  08/07/12 @ 2:00pm  |  Posted in Biking, Transit

<br />Complete and Green Street<br />Fleet Avenue in Cleveland will be rebuilt with bike lanes and bioswales. A multi-modal corridor<br />Cyclist uses bike lane on Euclid Corridor, ClevelandLower Euclid Avenue and free RTA trolley<br />Bikes on bridges<br />A grassroots group started a community dialogue about bikes, pedestrians and transit in 2009 that led to a multi-use path on the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge.Bikes belong<br />Clevelanders test ride a bike lane at Pop up RockwellBike capital<br />Groningen is a city in The Netherlands where half of the people bike on a daily basis.

Bus-Rapid transit is a hybrid of train and bus that hopefully picks up the best of both (lower costs but a more elegant design like nicer stations. In Cleveland’s case, the dedicated transit lane also promises faster service). Next American City hails Cleveland and RTA’s HealthLine as “a world-class example of BRT in the U.S.” Annie Weinstock, U.S. Country Director...more

What goes into a bike friendly city

Marc Lefkowitz  |  07/03/12 @ 9:00am  |  Posted in Biking

We believe that once the number of people biking crosses a threshold, a magic number to be determined, biking has the ability to alter the shape of a city. Cities like Copenhagen, Zurich and Amsterdam where almost half of its people are riding bikes have proven this by conforming to the needs (and speeds) of hordes of cyclists; arguably, they...more

Is Cleveland a "Great Cycling City"?

Marc Lefkowitz  |  05/29/12 @ 3:00pm  |  Posted in Biking, Transportation choices

· Cleveland makes HGTV's 10 Greatest Cycling Cities in America. As nice as it is to be mentioned for our "impassioned and persevering community of bike riders" we want to see Cleveland's bike trips rise from 0.39% to the level of the other cities mentioned, like Portland (where 6% of trips and $30 million has been invested over the last...more

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