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How much plastic is in Lake Erie and who's to blame

Marc Lefkowitz  |  08/17/18 @ 10:00am  |  Posted in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Clean water, Water

Plastic is no longer something we throw away, Dr. Sherri Mason, co-principal investigator on a landmark study that found micro plastics, pieces small enough to not see with the naked eye, in significant quantities in Lake Erie, told a Cleveland City Club audience this week.

<br />Lake Erie
Image: David Beach

Making personal choices can reduce carbon emissions

Marc Lefkowitz  |  03/18/16 @ 12:00pm  |  Posted in Clean energy, Reduce, Driving, Transportation

Last week, we wrote about the communities in Northeast Ohio that have the best and worst carbon footprints. It did reveal some notable trends like how income, density and distance from the central city determine how the region stacks (and pollutes) up. Today, we look at what can be done about it. What are we as individuals capable of doing to...

<br />

Lay of the land: Who's composting in Northeast Ohio?

Marc Lefkowitz  |  03/02/15 @ 10:00am  |  Posted in Food, Reduce, Zero waste

Composting, or turning food waste into nutrient soil, has become so accepted as a sustainable business practice in the last few years that many of Cleveland’s biggest institutions are doing it, despite the fact that it costs much more than dumping waste in a landfill.

<br />Rust Belt Riders biking compost in Cleveland.<br />Bins for compost, recycling and (option of last resort) landfill waste at Cleveland Museum of Natural History<br />Curbside bins for compost, recycling and landfill waste in San Francisco.<br />Rid All Green Partnership has a big community-based compost operation going.

Say a prayer for Cleveland's abandoned churches

Marc Lefkowitz  |  11/18/13 @ 2:00pm  |  Posted in Reduce

Finding a second life for churches continues to vex historic preservationists. And so the latest news that two more Cleveland landmark churches will succumb to the wrecking ball is being met with a shrug instead of a plan to preserve what’s left.

No reprieve<br />The Transfiguration Church was built in 1902 and designed by the architectural firm Cram, Goodhue and Ferguson. Ralph Adams Cram is considered the American master of the Gothic Revival architectural style in ecclesiastical and academic buildings. Image: Cleveland.comThreatened landmarks<br />Fifth Church of Christ Scientists at the border of Lakewood and Cleveland will be razed for new development. Still inspired<br />Product designers Nottingham Spirk converted a church into their office in Cleveland.A second life<br />The Brownstones at Derbyshire were converted into five condominiums and then added to with new living spaceA new creation<br />Josaphat Arts Hall hosts art exhibits and weddings in its former nave

Lessons from Huron's curbside composting

Marc Lefkowitz  |  10/14/09 @ 3:00pm  |  Posted in Local food system, Reduce

When the city of Huron made national headlines in the spring of 2009 for launching a citywide composting program, it took everyone but the handful of private and public partners who got it going by complete surprise. How did this small 'bedroom community' (pop. 8,000) pull off the first curbside food waste pickup program in Ohio (and likely the Midwest)? Huron...more

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