Green building gets reality TV show

Marc Lefkowitz  |  10/23/06 @ 3:59pm

Movie star and environmental champion Leonardo DiCaprio is producing a reality TV show with the premise of rebuilding an entire town using green building and sustainable development principles. He's currently pitching it to the networks.  Does anyone feel like submitting a nomination form for East Cleveland?From Grist.commore

Yes, Cleveland has green

Marc Lefkowitz  |  10/20/06 @ 10:30am

BrewedFreshDaily picked up on green business guru Joel Makower’s glowing review of Cleveland where he got a load of the efforts of the Entrepreneurs for Sustainability community this week. His “pinch me, I’m in Cleveland” surprise that our town is a “burgeoning hotbed of sustainable business activity” is really no surprise to many folks here, but appreciated all the same....more

Bob Stark lays out vision for downtown development

Marc Lefkowitz  |  10/18/06 @ 11:57am

Crocker Park creator Bob Stark is assembling the pieces for his grandest development yet—the $1 billion SoHo-style neighborhood in Cleveland's Warehouse District. He told an audience at Levin College of Urban Affairs yesterday that he has successfully sold the vision to retailers and the Port Authority. Building off the momentum of Crocker Park and the population growth in the Warehouse District, Stark just...more

If sprawl meant jobs...

David Beach  |  10/11/06 @ 10:58am

What should Ohio's next governor do to help redevelop the state's cities and towns? The essential policy ideas are contained in a candidates' briefing book released by Greater Ohio, the nonprofit citizen's campaign for smarter growth. If Sprawl Meant Jobs, Ohio Would Have Full Employment: Policies for Redeveloping a Great State explains how the state can create a vision for sustainable land...more

Ohio EPA introduces mercury removal program

Kim Palmer  |  10/10/06 @ 1:08pm

In an attempt to mitigate mercury pollution, the Ohio EPA announced a program that compensates salvage yards for the removal toxic switches from automobiles before they are dismantled. The EPA program will now provide auto salvage yards with $3 for the removal of each mercury switch prior to vehicle crushing or dismantling. Automotive mercury switches are commonly found in components...more

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