Jane Jacobs, 1916-2006

David Beach  |  04/26/06 @ 10:46pm

Lovers of cities were saddened yesterday to hear about the death of Jane Jacobs. Her 1961 book, The Death and Life of Great American Cities, revolutionized urban planning by focusing not on esoteric planning theories but on how people actually use streets, parks, stores, and neighborhoods. She celebrated the chaotic jumble of city life — observing, for instance, that busy, densely populated, mixed-use neighborhoods tend to be quite safe because of the "eyes...more

Oberlin food service provider funds local greenhouse

Marc Lefkowitz  |  04/25/06 @ 1:01pm

Oberlin College's food service provider Bon Appétit recently invested $6200 toward a greenhouse and waste oil furnace (used to generate heat) at nearby George Jones Farm.The greenhouse will lengthen the growing season and thus ensure that the college can buy more local produce. Oberlin has increased the purchase of local food from five percent to 30 percent in the past...more

Spring tonics

David Beach  |  04/24/06 @ 4:47pm

More signs of spring from the North Union Farmers Market, which opened for the year on Shaker Square this Saturday:"Spring is here! If this great weather persists we can expect crops to come in quicker than usual. On opening day...there will be tender spring greens and alliums; early green onions, ramps and garlic scapes. These tonics of spring are eaten now...more

The development video

David Beach  |  04/22/06 @ 1:58pm

Here's your chance to fly through Cleveland and see some of the development projects that are reshaping the city. Employing a cool mix of Google Earth imagery and computer animation, the Greater Cleveland Partnership has produced a nine-minute video of infrastructure and real estate development projects that are bringing people and investment back into the city and improving accessibility to neighborhoods...more

Sharing taxes for the larger good

David Beach  |  04/16/06 @ 12:55pm

Is the concept of tax sharing catching on in Northeast Ohio? Cleveland and Independence just announced a deal to share income taxes from a new Cavaliers practice facility. The PD recently reported that the mayor of Hudson is talking about sharing property taxes with Twinsburg and Stow. And some local officials are even discussing the metropolitan tax-base sharing program of Minnesota as...more

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