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9:00AM - 5:00PM

Exploring the small farm dream

The Countryside Conservancy introduced Exploring the Small Farm Dream to Ohio and the Midwest in 2006. This highly regarded business short course was developed by the New England Small Farms Institute, and extensively tested in many contexts from New England to Virginia.

Course Description

In this four-session course you will set personal and farming goals, assess available resources, determine if farming as a business is right for you, and develop an action plan to guide next steps. Along the way you will take a close look at the realities of working for yourself, in particular what it will take to own and manage a successful agricultural venture.

12:30PM - 1:45PM

Lessons for Northeast Ohio from ReWind Offshore, Sweden's first freshwater wind farm

Tore Wizelius, the Project Director for the company, ReWind Offshore, that built the world's first freshwater wind farm, will be in Cleveland on Monday, November 26th. He will be joined by the company's CEO, Åke Pettersson Frykberg, to talk about the construction of the wind park on Sweden's Lake Vänern.

Tore and Åke will describe the installation of the ten 3 MW turbines that make up this initial plant, and also talk about the technological advances that were developed along the way. These include a unique cost-effective method of building turbine foundations.

ReWind Offshore is using its experience gained thus far in making its plans for a second, larger installation, also on Lake Vänern, consisting of twenty 3 to 4.5 MW turbines.

The presentation will include a half-hour movie showing how Vindpark Vänern was built. There will be some time at the end of the presentation, to discuss the ways in which the pioneering work on Lake Vanern can help us move ahead more rapidlywith our plans for offshore wind development on the Great Lakes.

This event will be hosted by David Zeng, Chair of the Civil Engineering Department at Case Western Reserve University, and will be held from 12.30 to 1.45 PM, on Monday, November 26th in Room 310B, Nord Hall, which is on the Case Quad of CWRU.

The event is open to the public.

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