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Sunday, September 21, 2014
7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

BioBlitz at George Jones Farm

The New Agrarian Center and Green Triangle are hosting a BioBlitz at George Jones Farm in Oberlin and need help. A BioBlitz is a fun way to document as many species as possible that utilize a particular property. People of various skill levels and sets (formally trained scientists and the general public) come together to observe and record what species of plants and animals (i.e. the local biodiversity) are located in a place. Although the goal is serious, the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable – an excuse to explore a new property and spend the day celebrating nature.

Since 2000, GJF has been managed and protected through a collaboration between the New Agrarian Center and Oberlin College. The site (~70 acres in total) has many diverse habitats including: farmland in production, wetlands, ponds, woodlands, vernal ponds and old fields. Also located on-site are many examples of natural building, greenhouses and even Oberlin College's research ponds. Knowing what biodiversity exists at the farm provides baseline data that can help track the success of management initiatives in the future. Even more exciting is the chance to document rare species and uncommon habitats. This information can help guide future activities at the farm, as well as help secure funding for special projects.

44333 State Rte 511
Oberlin, OH

More information: http://greentriangle.org/bioblitz/

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BioBlitz at George Jones Farm

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