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Northeast Ohio Green Map FAQ

How do I contribute content to the Northeast Ohio Green Map?

  • Visit the “How To” page for more information on how to contribute content to the map.

 How do I become an official contributor to the Northeast Ohio Green Map?

  • Click the “Join Map Team” tab above the Northeast Ohio Green Map, and then click the “Create new account” tab if you haven’t already registered with Green Maps. Follow the directions on the page to register with Green Maps.
  • If you have already registered with Green Maps, enter your username and password under the “Log In” tab of the “Join Map Team” section. An administrator will review your request to become a map contributor and you will receive notification if your request is approved.
  • Once you are an approved contributor of the map, you can log in and start adding content to the Northeast Ohio Green Map that will go live as soon as you click “Save” under the “Add a Site” section.

Should we include negative icons on the Northeast Ohio Green Map, and if so, how do we decide what’s appropriate?

  • Since this is an open-sourced map, GreenCityBlueLake is going to let the community decide what’s important enough to include. However, the map is moderated and the icon definitions do give some boundaries as to what can be added. Negative icons (such as “hazards” and “pollution sources”) are included in the software that runs hundreds of Green Maps around the world because they can draw attention to community and regional opportunities and can help influence policy, planning and other forms of regional decision-making.

If someone wants to add content to a site that someone else has added to the map, how do they do that?

  • In general, contributors of the Green Map cannot edit the sites that others have added. They can, however, add content to the “Comments”, “Impacts” and “Multimedia” sections of any site’s dialogue box. If you would like to edit the general information of a site that has been added by someone else, then please contact GCBL with your content—noting which site you would like to add it to.

How do I give my site multiple icons?

  • Each site has a primary icon that shows up on the home page of the Northeast Ohio Green Map, but they can also have up to 7 secondary icons that come up once you open a site’s dialogue box. To give a site secondary icons, hold the Control button on your keyboard while you click on several relevant icons in the “Secondary Icon” box in the edit section of the site.

How do I include a website link in the dialogue box of a site?

  • While in the edit section of the site, click the “Advanced Details” link and a website link box will appear below, along with spaces for contact information.

For more information about how to use the Open Green Map, visit the Green Maps FAQ page.

Have another question specific to the Northeast Ohio Green Map? Contact GCBL and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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